TNCm to rg316 مدل ET-1182

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TNC Male Crimp Connector
- TNC plug
- suits 2.5mm diameter cables such as RG174, RG316, and LMR100


What is a Crimp Connector

A crimp connector is used to terminate the end of a coaxial cable to allow connection to an RF device or antenna. Each series of connector differs by method of connection, size, and electrical properties, allowing a technician to select a connector to best match the intended purpose.

Most crimp connectors consist of three components - the connector body, pin/socket, and crimping ferrule. Terminating a coaxial cable with a crimp connector requires three tools - a wire stripper/cutter, soldering iron, and hex crimp.

Crimp Hex Die Sizing
  • RG316/RG174 - 0.128"
  • RG58/LMR195 - 0.213"
  • LMR400/RG8 - 0.429"


Electrical Specifications

Resistance: 50Ω
Working Voltage: 500V RMS
Withstand Voltage: 1500V RMS
Contact Resistance:
- (1) Centre Contact: <10mΩ
- (2) Outer Contact: <2.5mΩ
Insulation Resistance: >5000MΩ
Insertion Loss: <0.2dB/3GHz
VSWR: <1.22:1

Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Durability: >500 cycles
Pin/Socket Contact: Brass/Beryllium-Copper
Pin/Socket Plating: Gold
Insulator: PTFE
Operating Temperature: -55° to 155° C